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Stress, Insomnia, Exhaustion, Worries, Anxiety, Relationship Problems ...

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Calmness and relaxation can be learned.
Being happy too.

Psychotherapy practitioner

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Psychotherapy practitioner


Usually about 55min / 70€
In psychotherapy sessions, I support you with talking and behavioural therapy, depending on the cause.
Usually about 45min / 50€
Who wouldn’t live calmer and more relaxed? With the right relaxation therapy you learn to integrate a tool against stress, anxiety and nervousness into your life.
Usually about 60-90 min / 70-110€
Life is full of surprises and some of them are difficult to manage. With guidance I support you on your way.
Costs: depending on need and duration
When insecurity and shyness are detrimental in life, these trainings help to increase self-confidence and strength.
Psychotherapy practitioner

About me

Our health and well-being are very precious. It is enorm important to care about us and our body and to handle our strengths with care.
With the qualified teaching of scientifically relaxation methods, therapy sessions and workshops, I support you in your health care and in finding or maintaining your natural balance.

Claudia Vogel

I help to integrate more serenity into your life. Even after learning a relaxation technique, I am there to support you.
Seminar leader for autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation Graduate of the BTB (Bildungswerk für Therapeutische Berufe) course in relaxation education, non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy. Member of the Association of Independent Psychotherapists.
Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie



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Kurse & Workshops

Relaxation classes with light yoga exercises
Workshops on the topic of self-confidence


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Who does not know that?

Exhaustion, Insomnia, High blood pressure, Muscle tension, Pain or Lack of concentration?
Just a few examples of factors that we can alleviate or eliminate with relaxation.